Morpheus Rig System

Status: Unity Development Sprint

The Morpheus Rig System (MRS) is a python based modular framework and toolset for the creation of high quality creature and character rigs for Autodesk Maya. The fully-customizable rigs can be built for anything from a Unity mobile app to a full feature rig.

MRS uses a template system under which small rig modules are snapped together and fitted to the character model. These templates are used to generate the controls, wiring and structures of our rigs. The templates can be reconfigured and reused for multiple characters with differing proportions. 

Every rig created with MRS is fully integrated into the MRSAnimate toolset to provide a full rigging and animation pipeline for studios of any size.


  • Easily Customizable Templates
  • Proxy Rig workflow
  • Animator Friendly Rigs
  • Rapid Iteration
  • Built for keeping rigs up to date
  • Easy to Integrate Into Any Pipeline
  • Game Engine Ready
  • Modular Design For Easy Extensibility


  • Requires – Maya 2016+
  • Cost – $0 at present. It’s included in our tool set. We fund the development of this system in a few ways.
    • Learning to use it and support can be found by joining the MRS Collaborative Team. There is no support available outside of the collective or paid gigs.
    • We use it in our day to day work and if you contract CG Monks to do rigging work -you’ll be getting this system’s use more than likely.
    • Our hope is that those who like and use the system will subscribe to the team.
  • Why don’t you sell it as a plugin? A few reasons…
    1. We’d rather make it more accessible so that others can use it and help us improve the system. Their being able to get into the core of stuff with us makes that possible.
    2. We don’t want to deal with licensing and other legal issues involved with it.


  1. Bring in your model or work from a sketch
  2. Use MRSBuilder to create a template
  3. Generate the rig (and proxy geo if you like)
  4. Test the rig
  5. Iterate on the template – changing joint positions, limb proportions or build options
  6. Apply post processing to generate mirror setup, selection sets, etc.
  7. Apply skin weighting to the model (ngSkinTools is awesome until AI can do it)


These are the foundation building blocks of our system (pun intended). They’re designed to connect to one another modularly.


The root rigBlock. It is used for:

  • Defining the control offset distance for all children blocks
  • Creating the master control
  • Setting up wiring for visibility and other locking/hiding mechanisms for sub modules at build


Designed for non angular breaks

  • Current
    • Spine
    • Tail
  • Future
    • Tentacle
    • Fish – have some swimming tech we wanna roll in when we get to this


Module for parts with angular breaks

  • Current
    • Leg
    • Arm
    • Finger
    • Insect Leg
  • Future
    • Setup fingers/toes for proper following of the bank setup


Includes the neck

  • Current
    • Heads with no necks,
    • Single neck control heads
  • Future
    • Long necks with multiple handles – have framework, just have to polish off

In Production

These modules are currently being worked on

  • Eye
  • Brow
  • Lower Face

Coming Soon

  • Wing

Build Profiles

Build profiles allow you to save the same templates with different build options so you could customize similar proportioned rigs for different use cases. Need different LOD options with different join counts for your main character and side NPCs? No problem. Just create the custom build profiles for your templates and quickly build different rigs using the same template.

Our current built target for projects we’re working on.

  • Roll per segment – 1
  • Torso – 4-6
  • Neck – 1
  • No additive scale
  • No squash stretch

Targeted for squash and stretch animation

  • Roll per segment – 3
  • Torso – 2-3
  • Neck – 1
  • Squash stretch
  • Additive scale setup
  • Roll per segment – 0
  • Torso – 2-3
  • Neck – 1
  • No additive scale
  • No squash stretch

MRS Features

Template Driven Rigging System

  • Proxy geo creation from rigBlocks to save modeler time
  • Build Profiles  – One template, multiple build type system

mrsAnimate – Animation UI/Marking Menu for rig interaction

  • Control,Part,Puppet,Scene contextual functionality
    • Mirroring
    • Mode switching
    • Resetting
    • Toggling options
    • Pose System | modified use of  Red9’s pose config

mrsBuilder – Rig builder UI

  • Manage, add, connect rigBlocks
  • Push rigBlocks through build states
  • Generate puppet mesh

Quality of Life

  • Display layer setup per asset
  • Sets – QSS sets puppet, each part, Bake, Delete
  • Clean Hierarchy setup


  • Controller Support | pickwalking, parallel targeted
  • Joint Tags | Maya tagging for better functionality with maya tools
  • Joint Based Facial setup being expanding and improved
  • Direct joint control with transparent proxy shapes where possible for selection ease
  • IK
    • Ribbon setup
    • Stretch
    • Lock mid where possible
    • Explicit control of ik handles
  •  FK
    • Mirror behavior
    • Unlocked translates for more control
  • Segment
    • No flip bases
    • Ribbon twist setup
  • Ribbons
    • Reparameterization blending
  • Scale
    • Scalable controls
    • Squash stretch setups | single, both
    • Multiple methods | ArcLen, PointDist
  • Bank setup
    • Full featured foot setup with multiple points of articulation
  • Space Pivots – setup for IK controls to have constrainable spaces for those controls
  • rigNodes – Blocks buffer all nodes during build to aid in later optimization pushes and clean rig deletion
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