CGM Tools are a full suite of tools we’ve collected and written over the years. Because we don’t charge for them, others allow us to include their tools as well. If you get a current build of the cgmToolbox you have everything we talk about.



How much do your tools cost?

Nothing. Our tools have been free since we started them at CG Monks.

Do I need a license to use them for commercial/for-profit work?

Nope. Our tools are released under the MIT license.

Where do you keep them?


Why would I try them?

We and our users have been using them in production for years. If you have a system you like, awesome. If you don’t or would like to try something new, give it  a shot.

What kinds of tools are there?
  • Production Tools
    • mrsBuilder| our ui to build rigs with our modular system
    • mrsAnimate | our animation marking menu, pose library and ui for working with MRS puppets
    • mrsPoser | Stand along pose library for MRS assets
    • Scene | Tool to export and manage animations, export rigs and more
    • Shots | Tool to split up shots into fbx sections for game engine work that Scene uses to know how to split things up
  • Utilities
    • Locinator | Multi purpose locator tools for creating and updating locators overtime and in various ways
    • LightLoomLite | Canned lighting setups to quickly get a wip scene looking better
    • cgmMocapBakeTools | pretty self explanatory
    • cgmDynParentTool | Rig agnostic tool for adding dynamic parent switching options to a rig
    • cgmJointTools | Our take on a joint orient tool
    • cgmAttrTools | Attritbute management because Maya’s default setup blows
    • cgmSetTools | Tool for working with maya object sets
    • Ton of general purpose utilities we use every day like raycast snapping and aiming to space switching
Who else has tools in the toobox?

You can find more info in the respective docs but here’s a short list:

  • red9| Mark Jackson
  • Justin Barrett
  • Michael Comet
  • John Doublestein
  • Scott Englert
  • Morgan Loomis
  • Hamish McKenzie
  • Brendan Ross
  • Bohdon Sayre
What if we want to support you?

If you like our tools, consider supporting us on Patreon.