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Welcome to the cgmRigs team member page. Most of our communication on this team will be via the forum and member only blog posts.

Let’s get started!


How will this team work?

  • Rigs – Where be the rigs?! They’re found on the assets page.
    • Remember – any rigs released while you are actively subscribing to this team you will get unlocked for free.
  • Forum – The private forum is where we plan on handling most communication with this team. We’ve seeded the team forum with initial topics for you all to offer input on.
  • Queue – This is a private idea board for this team to share design ideas and vote them up and down. If you have an idea, just add it to the board. Ideas added to this private board bypass the vote threshold requirement of the public queue.
  • Blog posts – Tutorials, demos or whatever you all want and vote up will get added to the list
  • Discord – We have a private discord server we’re experimenting with using for direct communication. The video chatting there is great so we’ll probably use it for live team stuff with other teams more than this one.

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Known Issues

  • Forum emails aren’t working properly so you may not get notification when a thread you subscribe to is added to. It’s being looked at.
  • With rigs, Maya 2016+.  For parallel evaluation to function, you have to have at least two keys in the scene. Rigs, any rigs (not just ours) will be much slower until you have some keys.

Current Focus

Last updated – 10.16.2018

  • mDrake
    • Got rough final mesh from modeler. Provided notes.
    • Retemplating with new MRS setup
    • Will be doing a rough body only rig when complete. Expect body only alpha rig later this week or early next.
    • Plan to do face by hand for speed.
    • Found free to use Glock 17 model we’ll be using for a weapon



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