Announcing On Demand: “MRS Makers Workshop – Getting Started”

We’re excited to announce the on demand version of the first MRS Makers Workshop – Getting Started.


When the facial modules are more solid (probably a few months from now) we’ll update the existing workshop class with a new facial setup section. This is instead of an entirely new class

  • At that point we’ll raise the price of the workshop. We will give a 5 day notice before that price jump happens.
  • Anyone who has bought the intro workshop class will get the new material for FREE
  • We’re treating the next few months as an active workshop and will be putting up facial wip stuff for MRS Patrons to play with and provide feedback on

It’s taken a little time to figure out the best way to do this and we think we have a pretty good plan. We’re partnering with our friends at Rigging Dojo to facilitate this  class.

What are the details:

  • Purpose
    Teach students how to use MRS to begin building their own rigs for their own projects.
  • When does it start?
    Whenever you like. It’s on demand.
  • What do you get with the class?
    • 6 months subscription to the MRS Collaborative on the CG Monastery which provides – access to latest docs, follow development, collaborate
    • This class permanently unlocked so you’ll always have access to the knowledge whether you maintain your CG Monastery sub or not
    • Knowledge to use MRS for your own projects – personal or commercial
  • What’s the content?
    • Big picture for what MRS is all about
    • Construct a basic block asset
    • Create a biped rig from a provided template
    • Build a quadruped asset from scratch
    • Adding Props to existing assets
    • Bonus – Making Reins from Rigging Dojo
  • FAQ
    • I don’t have any idea what MRS (Morpheus Rigging System) is …. You can check out a few links:
    • Will you cover facial blocks? Not in this first class. Those modules are pretty rough as they’re brand new. They work but need iteration. The other blocks have months of testing in them.

If this content proves popular enough we’ll continue adding modules like:

  • Rigging a Face with MRS
  • Expanding MRS – Making new modules

If you’re a Friend of Morpheus Member with an option for a class you can join this class for free. Send us a message with your details and we’ll get you sorted. Additionally, if you were a backer who didn’t refund we’re happy to offer a coupon up to the value of your original backing amount if you’re interested. Ping us on facebook if you want to take advantage of this –

Josh Burton

[MRS Project Lead | CG Monks] Josh is an animator turned TD who hails from Oklahoma, pre-undergrad in the Marine Corps, animation basics at Savannah College of Art and Design, cut his teeth in gaming and commercials before co-founding CG Monks and more recently the CG Monastery. The Morpheus Rigging System is a culmination of years of R&D and he is now thrilled to see what users can create, collaborate and expand on with this open source MRS platform.